Management Profile

The key factor of NEXTLIMIT’s growth is its manpower. Our strength is our management team which powers NEXTLIMIT; provides direction & guidance to the organization. The team nurtures strong corporate and cultural ethics within the organization. Their focus lies in mobilizing every ounce of intelligence in the organization and pulling together the intellectual resources of all employees in the service delivery of the company.
At the helm of all contacts we have a concrete management team displaying diligence and technological progression. We are one of the pioneers providing valued services which are capable of meeting industrial standards for various ventures. It is the perseverance and eagerness of our Mandarins which has made us one of the humongous name in IT industry

Who We are

Built on the highly reliable voice capabilities of our call center services, NEXTLIMIT easily connects customers to the right agent at the right time. The result is lowered costs and an improved customer experience that help to transform your contact center into a revenue center. NEXTLIMIT is with you in every step – whether you’re a smaller, less formal, SOHO organization or a large organization that require call centers with sophisticated routing and reporting options, multimedia, self-service and outbound campaign capabilities.

Subir Dutta – Chairman & Founder

He set up Nextlimit Consultancy Services in 2017. Ever since the company was founded, he has contributed to the organizational success. He created a dynamic environment implementing innovative ideas across all operations. Under his leadership, Nextlimit Consultancy Services has been prompt to technological adaptations.


Brijesh Singh – Director and Co-founder

Mr. Brijesh Singh played pivotal role in the growth of Nextlimit consultancy since inception, he has been instrumental in trudging the uphill crest and creating the growth path of the organisation with his visionary skills. He is a veteran in the field of Business process outsourcing industry with sharp acumen for identifying revenue opportunities, automation project management & delivery, integration of new technology, cost optimization. He brings stability and innovative solutions to the table with his transformational services and compelling commercial model for clients.


Soumya Ranjan Nayak – Director

Concentrating on vision creation for employees, Mr. Soumya Ranjan Nayak takes pride in building high-performing teams. He acts quickly when he senses a window of opportunity. He views obstacles as opportunities to showcase ability to perform under pressure. At any point of time, Nextlimit Consultancy Services growth has been driven by his leadership.


Bedadyuti Bera – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bedadyuti Bera is a dynamic visionary with a strong focus on being customer centric. The core of his vision is to create a consortium comprising high-performing teams. His corporate credo is to contribute to organization through initiating change. Nextlimit Consultancy Services has experienced a stupendous growth in recent times for his policy to increase enthusiasm among employees.


Our Services

" At the heart of our solid foundation is a management team with a sturdy background in conveying technological solutions with a creative touch. We are pioneers in providing inventive business solutions for your venture. Our individuals have steered gears to mammoth heights with their devotion, firmness and an addiction to perfection."